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About AirLite Engine Guard Chaps

One Piece Full Cover Soft Lowers - Made in Canada

One of the most important concern for all riders is SAFETY. When you are warm and dry, you are more alert to your surroundings. Being more comfortable you are less likely to compromise your safety by being in a rush to get to your destination. Cut down the cold wind and rain and treat yourself to dry boots and legs. 

AirLite engine guard soft lowers will keep you enjoying your rides for years.

Comfort, Safety and Protection for only  $84.95 Retail

AirLite is the only engine guard chaps on the market that are a single unit with a built-in heavy mesh screen for bug and rock chip protection

No modification to your engine guard necessary. These covers simply slide onto your guard and quickly fasten together with velcro strips. When not needed, they roll up and slide into the included storage pouch.

AirLite › The best in riding protection › Specifications:

*45 day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the quality and design 

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