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Gotta tell ya - Your AirLite chaps are incredible. So easy to install, perfect fit on my 2015 Road Glide, and quality made. Very happy!! Tim T
I am actually replacing the chaps I got from your company years ago. Had a minor mishap and damaged them. You have the best ones on the market. Thanks for checking up with me. Kim O
This is the second set. The last lasted two bikes, 65,000 mi. until I parked in front of a coffee shop last ride of the season, last year. Lady, "seasoned driver" mixed up reverse and drive, and while parallel parking ran into mine and my buddies bike. I refused the insurance adjuster wanting to replace my Airlites with the Harley soft lowers. I told them they were substandard, and I had them before, and wanting the Airlites. They replaced them. Thanks for your product, and help. Dan B
Received my wife’s Road King chaps on Mon 26th. The fit….. just like my Road Glide Airlite chaps…like a fine Italian driving glove. I get many compliments on how nice they look and fit! Thanks for very good service and a great product!!! Mike F
I purchased your engine guards for my 2006 Nomad over 3 years and these have been the best buy for my bike. With over 30,000 km of riding, they are still in great shape. They are easy to put on/off and work very well to keep me warm and dry. One unexpected benefit was the reduced buffeting around my head when driving at highway speeds. Great product and a must have for any serious riders (or those that get caught in the rain). Thanks again. Steve J
Just wanted to send you a quick note that I am very happy with my recent purchase. I received your package on Wednesday afternoon and found them very easy to put on er your instruction. Not only does it give the bike a nice new look, I am VERY HAPPY with your product for two reasons. I went for a drive that night (cool and clear) found two major benefits. 1) First is the additional heat from the motor and reduction of wind across the legs made the ride very comfortable. This was to be expected. 2) Dramatic reduction of wind buffeting around my head, which I originally had with just the windshield and deflectors. It made for a very comfortable ride on the highway compared to previous trips without the chaps. I have told everyone I know that this was the best money invested in the bike from a comfort standpoint. If you ride in any kind of weather, this product just makes sense. Several guys were also interested in the product so hope that relates to more sales for you in the Toronto region. Steve 2006 Nomad
Just a quick mail to let you know the chaps are coming at home this morning. The chaps are mounting of the engine guard 10 minutes after they are coming at home. No difficulties or problems, it is very easy to mount. This product is amazing, no wind ,no rain. My wife is very very happy. Thank you very much. Avec tous nos remerçiements .Nous nous ferons un devoir de présenter cet exellent produit à toute les Ladies du Lorraine Chapter. REMY et CHANTAL G